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wSaturday, January 31, 2004

Why I don't report sit-in ceremony in Iran's parliament?
You can get Iran’s news from here! (It is main reason) also you can find other rumors news about Iran from obtrusive blogger’s Weblog!
And I think it is just a screenplay to defraud Iranian and world!
I withdraw all of my vindication for Khatami and other reformists, because I think they have defrauded all of Iranian in these years. We most boycott this year Elections!
I avow that it is an other Mullah’s scenario to attract people to suffrage in Elections.
Hey, President Khatami ; GAME IS OVER
Check out this WebSite

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wFriday, January 23, 2004

Shaking Hands: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein greets Donald Rumsfeld, then special envoy of President Ronald Reagan, in Baghdad on December 20, 1983.
Iraq advanced far into Iranian territory, but was driven back within months. By mid-1982, Iraq was on the defensive against Iranian human-wave attacks. The U.S., having decided that an Iranian victory would not serve its interests, began supporting Iraq: measures already underway to upgrade U.S.-Iraq relations were accelerated, high-level officials exchanged visits, and in February 1982 the State Department removed Iraq from its list of states supporting international terrorism.
I was busy last week, because I had final exams. I could pass all of my courses!. it is my 1st term in university. I matriculated in Civil Engineering in Shiraz University.

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wMonday, January 12, 2004

I got all of them ;)
I received all of your e-mail and it makes me more hopeful to write and update this weblog, Thanks alot!!
I will answer to all of your e-mail. I get more than 20 e-mails from whole of the world and it is very intersting 4 me that every one in the world can hear Iraninan voices.

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wSaturday, January 10, 2004

Iran Rejects U.S. Overture on New Talks .
Iran's government is divided into 2 parts, one is chosen by people and the other part are the ones which control everything, which is our big problem.
unfortunately, Iran's foreign policy is under controled by Islamic hard-liner and I'm sure they never accept U.S overture on new talks."We have said that it is important for the negotiations between the countries to be based on mutual respect and to take place on an equal footing,"said Islamic Republic Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi
but a major problem is that Bush called iran axis of evil!! it is very rude label on Iranian.
finally, U.S and Iran's hard-liner must change thier policy against each other.
Iranian Blogger thank all of international rescue team which spent thier holy days in BAM, Click here to see thier emotional comments.

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wTuesday, January 06, 2004

Islamic Republic Plans to Launch Satellite with 18 Months!!!
I think it is good news for all of Iranian but something is not true! When Iran's government can't afford Iranian primary dialy needs like Milk and bread, they shoudn't attempt to launch satellite.
Islamic republic said: "we need international aid for Bam earthquake!" but I don't know how can they get money to build satellite?
I read in news that many people in BAM didn't recieve international aids and donation!!!
Islamic Republic defense minister Ali Shamkhani said: "Iran will be the first Islamic country to go into space with a locally produced satellite and launch pad system"

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wFriday, January 02, 2004

American against Iranian or standing behind us?
I was watching WWW.FARK.COM , and I saw Iran's earthquake news in that site.
Please see Comments about this news. I don't know why American still think Iranian are Terrorist and Arab, I and Other Iranian blogger, just blog 4 u!! because we want to aware you about we are not Terrorist and we are not against american...I write some of disparagement comments about BAM earthquake:

1)wow that is a Godsmack if ive ever heard of one. they totlally deserve it, i hope the tole rises to like 80,000, that would be the whole city, WOOT
2)Religious fanatics always can spin anything. They'll probably say that Allah was mad because they didn't kill enough americans this year.
3)God hates you too, Iran
But I see hopeful comments like:
1)Very sad news. I have been there. It is the most relaxed and beautiful place in Iran. Sad day for those lovely people in Iran.
2)Well, here's one American who isn't laughing about tragedy in a foreign country. I don't care what their government or mullahs have done, the people of Bam never did anything to me.
3)Judge a country by its people not its government
4)Had many Iranians at my college (during the Shah days). Groups of 'em would hang at a very busy street corner and smoke hash out of big brass bowls. Yep -- standing around in public, wearing their fezzes, smoking dope and chattering in whatever language they spoke. Nobody ever bothered them and they never bothered anybody.
Some kid came into a geography class late one day visibly shaken. The professor asked what was wrong and he said some guy (a big coke dealer) had just died in a car crash. All the Iranians in the class got up and left.

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wTuesday, December 30, 2003

Iran Says U.S. Quake Help Will Not Alter Relations!
President Khatamisaid on Tuesday U.S. aid to earthquake victims in Iran, while welcome, would not alter the state of relations between the two arch foes who broke off ties nearly a quarter century ago.
I think it is not good time for posing political problems! it is my idea.
Also you see in this picture U.S soldiers & the first U.S. military aircraft to land in Iran in more than 20 years carried disaster response experts and tonnes of emergency supplies for victims of the Bam earthquake
Shameful aids from Arabs!
I hear from Local Radio Station that Arabs donatie 400,000,000$ for Bam earthquake.
If I were Iran's President I had spurned this donation.

posted by Mr. Plate at 7:31 AM